Gypsy Rows Company took root around 1998. The farmer (Darren) has been working in agriculture since he was 12 years old, over 30 years and Janine is a Master Gardener. We've had roadside stands, tried commercial sales for a short time, and have focused on farmers markets for the past 10 years and love it. Farming is a labor of love and we enjoy bringing top-quality produce right from the garden to the market, with most of it being picked that morning and the rest the evening before.

Email Darren:  dafarmer(at) 
Email Janine:  farmgirl(at)

Chances are we will probably be busy and away from the phone and computer, so if we don't get back to you right away we trust you'll understand.

Can we come to the farm to buy our produce?

Many times we are asked by our customers where the farm is and if they can come there to visit or make their purchases. Spring, summer and fall are very busy times on the farm and in peak season there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with everything so selling is done at markets only.  We trust you'll find our Website to be an informative and fun way to tour the farm. We look forward to seeing you at the farmers market.

Where the heck is Silvana?

Well, a lot of people ask us this also. Silvana is two miles west of I-5 exit 208, the Arlington exit. Silvana is in Snohomish County, surrounded on all sides by the Stillaguamish River.

Do we use organic farming methods?

With much thought, we made a conscious decision to use a balanced approach with our farming method. We are a small-scale farm (20 acres) worked by two people who want to offer our customers high quality produce at a reasonable price, mostly picked the morning of the market. To some consumers, organic is a priority, for most others, freshness, excellent quality, and value are more important. That's our customer base and they've been very loyal to us. We've been serving these folks for many years and are looking forward to maintaining that relationship for many more. That being said we are not certified organic but use a lot of organic practices. We use conventional fertilizer, and on a very limited basis use an organic pesticide and herbicide.

The debate over organic vs conventional goes on and on. There's lots of information on both sides and you can decide for yourself.