We grow the hard neck variety called German Porcelain (white).
Hardneck garlic is the kind most commonly found in farmers' markets; unlike commercially grown softneck garlic, it's distinguished by its stiff 'neck,' or stalk. Hardnecks have fewer cloves than softnecks, but the cloves are larger, juicier, and more uniform. Rich full flavor without the heat.

Porcelain garlics are the densest of all garlics and are generally large, therefore they provide the most bang for your buck from a healthy eating perspective with flavor to boot. Large easy to peel cloves.

You'll enjoy hardneck garlic in raw preparations, like pesto, and the shape of its cloves makes them great for roasting or thinly slicing to toss over a pizza.

Hard neck garlic will last for months if you store it properly in the dark, but definitely not in the refrigerator.