Fitness Club

Improve your health and fitness and support your local farmer at the same time.

Tell me about your fitness club!

Unlike most fitness and diet programs that charge a membership fee and offer overpriced so-called healthy meals, Gypsy Rows Fitness Club is FREE, including your meals and snacks while working out. That's right...Free. We supply all the workout equipment you'll need and the freshest snacks and meals offered anywhere at absolutely no charge. How can we do it you ask? Well, I guess we're not very smart, but we do care about you.

How do we do it?

We start with a light workout in the early spring in our state-of-the-art facility called 'The Greenhouse'. Here we will do some lifting exercises. We start with seed packets, then move up to planting trays and finish the session with a bale of potting soil. This may not seem to be too strenuous but this special facility is climate controlled to maximize the effects of your workout. It can get very HOT in there. Your workout will end when the farmer lets you out.

So...Do you wanna see the equipment?

hoe.jpgHOE: This piece of exercise equipment will give you an upper body workout second to none. Grasping the handle firmly, moving it up and down, back and forth rapidly is effective, but by adding some resistance in the form of placing the other end beneath the surface of the soil you can really feel a difference. Between hoeing sessions, incorporate some bending exercises, and while you're bent down, pull a few of those pesky weeds near the vegetable plants.

Wheel_Barrow.jpgWHEEL BARROW: Add definition to those calves using this wonderful piece of equipment. A lower back, hand and arm workout is also a benefit along with working on balance. As with the hoe, adding resistance by filling the wheel barrow with weight will increase the effectiveness of your workout. Ask the farmer for some suggestions. He might have you fill it with spuds, corn or beets, the choices are too numerous to list here.

hand_planter2.gifHAND PLANTER: This equipment will give you a great leg workout and increase your stamina. Loaded with seed and used in freshly tilled soil will add resistance to enhance the workout. If you are a friend of the environment, as we are, the use of this device will save valuable resources like diesel fuel that would be needed if the farmer was left with the planting duties. The farmer gets plenty of exercise already and needs to preserve what little energy he has left to bring great veggies to the markets. Keep the farmer off the tractor, you'll be doing yourself, the farmer and the environment a big favor by exercising with the hand planter.